What is Animal Communication?

Animal Communication is intuitively communicating with an animal for the benefit of the animal and care giver.
How can an Animal Communication benefit my animal?
Animal Communication can help deepen your relationship with your animal by giving you further insight into reasons for behaviours, how they feel and their needs.

How is the consultation structured?

I will make a communication with the animal by connecting prior to the consultation. In the consultation we will describe the personality and the physical attributes of the animal. Only if you agree the communication is of a good quality will the consultation continue, if you do not agree it is a good connection at this point, I will refund you in full and the consultation will end. If you agree the connection is good, we will then ask you about where you are needing help and work with you and your animal working in a three way communication.

How do I book a consultation?

We will contact you to agree consultation time and method.
Once agreed, payment will be requested prior to the consultation, PayPal or bank transfer are accepted.
Fill in the online form, along with a picture of the animal with eyes clearly visible.

How long is a consultation and how much does it cost?

Available are:

– 50 min ( £70 ) consultation

– 25 min  ( £35 ) consultation

The consultation process contains within it:

– 10 mins pre consult first connection

– 50 min or 25 min consultation as requested

– if you would like one, I offer a free a 10 min call a week later, just to check in with yourself on how the animal is doing (not a further communication)

Do you charge for home / yard visits?

Mileage is not charged within a radius of 5 miles of my home. After that I charge £1 / mile each way. However, at the moment I do not do home or yard visits .