A vet visit transformation

Our cat Saffie is extremely sensitive. She is very frightened of many things, including going in her carrier, in the car, noise, and changes to her routine. Going to the vets is a traumatic event for Saffie – one that makes her hyperventilate, sweat and cry. Last week that changed when we asked Sam to help us.  

We had a call with Sam the day before, when Sam explained to Saffie and her sister that they were going to the vets the next day. She asked Saffie what we could do to help her through this. Saffie, as expected, Saffie was frightened to go, whereas her sister was just annoyed. We asked Sam to be present with Saffie the next day during the trip and the appointment to keep her calm, and to explain what was happening as it occurred. Sam did a miraculous job! She told Saffie what was going to happen, why it was important she was going, and somehow, kept her calm. In fact, Saffie only cried and panted twice for a few seconds the whole time, whereas normally her tongue is hanging out where she is trying to breathe before we’ve even got out of our street and we don’t see her for days afterwards.

What Sam managed to do was priceless. She gave Saffie peace of mind, talked her down through her fear and kept her company during what is a really traumatic time for Saffie. She also helped us to be much calmer and to prepare. If anyone has a furry or feathered member of the family that needs a vet visit I can’t recommend enough asking for Sam’s help. It really did make such an enormous difference and we can’t thank Sam enough – nor can Saffie.

Anon. Bracknell Berkshire.