Animal Wisdom

My work involves animal communications with more than domesticated animals. I work with other species to see if they have any wisdom they have to share with us humans. The following are communications from animals who are not clients they are their of their own views / wisdom…some of it is a bit harsh on us humans, i’m afraid !

Giraffe on sustainability

Sustainability is the problem of human species. You have created The imbalance that you are now reaping. Your greed and profiteering to be better has created this problem the imbalance. Imbalance in nature. One above the other, not working with each other. One to be better than the other. It is the planet that is suffering. She is hurting. To redress the imbalance, you humans must work together to be a community. to be one community. We as animals, share. We share the planet, we share space. That is the way. In the end we have balance. We have one way of being, we are one. No one is above of the other, we are equal and share our space. With many animals, or none, sooner or later, our balance returns and we are one. This can be caused by flood or famine or natural way. But in the end, we have balance and peace with each other. Sustainability / balance and it has to, and will come back in a natural way.


I am the wise one.

I am the air that you breathe and the Earth.

I come through the Ether and I am the fire.

I am everything you are and I am.

We are one.

We are here. We are everywhere. I am your teacher and your pupil,

We have nothing and everything to share.

We are one.

We grow and expand together. We are finite and infinite.

We are everything and the tiniest pinpoint.

We are one.

We are whole. We are nothing.

We are ended. We are the beginning.

We are one.


Hedgehog gave me the feeling of uncomplicated and sturdy

Hedgehog had to say:

You are all so busy moving around and you don’t see what is right in front of you.  The beauty of life with its intricate details, the flowers and even the blades of grass. But you humans have your cars and noise and phones and things.

We have simple lives, we come, we go, we play. We don’t have things. We don’t need things.

Things distract you from being you.

You think us funny, the way we are, the way we walk.

You are funny to us. The way you are so distracted from living in now. We feel sorry for you in a way, we see you as evolved, but evolved is not so much fun to be.

Penguin on love

I am Jack the Penguin. I am very nice guy. I live here, my friends were all happy. It can be dull, we wait for you all with anticipation. Your funny creatures, so busy, doing stuff, not quite listening to  each other. I am a Humble, we are quite rare. We are equal. You are equal to. But there are so many of you.  

We do not love. We are. We are one another. Oh yes we fall out and squabble but we are one. We are one of the collectives of collectives. We can be, we cannot be. We are you. We all love. Humans are a bit daft when it comes to love.  We think, you think, it is a big thing. It is not. It just is. Love just is. It is not big, it is gentle. You want love to be big and bigger. In love, to be shown as big. Love the smallest thing, and biggest. How that is expressed in human, is very strong, something loud.

Love for us is quiet. A little peck or preen. A look and a rub. You humans, you are very noisy. Could your love be quiet? Think you need to learn to be quiet in your ways of love.

Love is knowing, a look and a glance.

Love just is.


I was asked is there anything Addax would like to share

You humans always wanting something. Want, want, want. Why can’t you be satisfied. Always thinking and always doing. Why do you come here and stare at us? We are just like you humans. We are beings, not doing. Why do you want to know this stuff from us? You know, but you don’t use your hearts, you have brains. Your brains will be the death of your species. Don’t use your hearts. Use your hearts, it will send your species on its way forwards not backwards, like it is going.

You do politics and blah, blah, blah. Greed is your demon, you all your demon and you do not use your hearts to much. It is all cars and stuff and blah.

Be in your hearts and love yourselves and each other. Each of us just, be and are happy in that. You have a lot to learn. You need to observe as more and more and you will learn so much. Look at the little ones, they are love on legs and hope on legs. They love emotionally and be within. This is not external love. Here we are within our own space and love our space. Have love dear creatures and hope for your species.

We all try so hard to help you all, but we need you to listen to us. There is hope, please listen to us. I am the wise leader of this group and the sage. Be with us. Be us. I love you. There is no need to repay us, you are us, I love you.