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What can an animal communicator help with?

Needs, likes and understanding each other better

Finding out what their needs are.

Do they like their environment / equipment, can it be made more made more comfortable or improvements made?

Understanding a situation better.

Further deepening your relationship.

Unwanted or unusual behaviours

Resolving emotional or behavioural problems such as fear, anxiety, barking, hiding and scratching.

Getting to the bottom of abnormal / unusual behaviour.

Change and life events

Preparing them for changes in their environment, visits to the vet moving or boarding.

End of life decisions.

Passed pets

Connecting with your passed animal.

Lost or stolen pets

Sorry, this isn’t an area I specialize in. However, I can refer you to a specialist in this area .

What is animal communication?

Some call it animal or pet whispering or horse whispering (but an animal whisperer or horse whisperer is really, in my view interpreting behaviour and body language), some call it animal telepathy, some, interspecies communication or interspecies telepathic communication. I call it animal communication.

Animal Communicator / Pet Psychic, whatever the label given, is intuitively communicating with an animal for the benefit of the animal and care giver. It done by  emptying your mind of your daily thoughts. I work intuitively, through mindfulness and from the heart to help you and your animals situation at on the phone, at your home/ yard or over the internet using Zoom or Skype. And because I work through mindfulness there is no actual reason I need to be physically present with you – unless that is your preference, of course.

Animal Communicator Samantha Lodge

Communication with animals

I am an Intuitive Animal Communicator and Reiki Master Practitioner based in the UK, on the Berkshire / Hampshire / Surrey boarder, working both locally and worldwide. I work mainly with horses, dogs and cats but I do work with more exotic species in Animal Wisdom and the wise words they have to offer humans. I am Animal Communication Training (Act2) certified and trained by James French, which means I passed my exams and I am insured with Balens.

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My services are not intended to be a replacement or substitution for behaviourist, training or veterinary services and I do not diagnose or prescribe. Always seek professional behaviourist, training or veterinary services. I am not responsible for the actions or reactions of the animal.